Conceptualizing Clothing to its Distribution.

Innovations and value-adding partnerships are fundamental values of the clothing factory ZT Sportswear’s mission statement. The personal attention of our team will always guide you for the best solutions during all sourcing, development, planning, clothing production, and clothes sewing time of your collection.
Our integrated IT systems such as order planning and management, material requirement planning (MRP), and never-out-of-stock (NOS) will guarantee that your clothes collection moves ahead efficiently.

Cut & Sew

Our team of skilled pattern designers ensures meticulous cutting and sewing of the different components, using the precise fabric of your choice. By striving for perfection in every product, your brand will easily earn the appreciation of your customers.

As a leading manufacturer of custom sports apparel in the USA, ZT Sportswear utilizes a range of cut-and-sewn methods to create garments that are entirely tailored to your specifications. Our highly skilled seamstresses work with raw materials to stitch each garment to perfection. Offering custom apparel from start to finish enables your brand to surpass the competition and create a truly unique identity.

Cut and Sew


With our laser park, we can offer from the whole product roll cut to the smallest ornaments cut. It’s used for functional technological and decorative purposes.

The precise, clean, and minimalistic technique gives the garment an innovative look with the best performance qualities.

Printing & Embroidery

We can help you create unique products by using different printing techniques we have inhouse:

Heat transfers (3D, reflective, fluor colors, rainbow effect, matt, plastisol, silicone, water-based);

Direct screen printing (Microdot tourmaline, 3D, reflective, fluor colors, rainbow effect, matt, plastisol, silicone, water-based);


Digital Printing

No-Sew Bonding

Our skilled bonding technologies experts will always suggest the most appropriate solution for your products to get the most reliable results:

– Bonding of seams and other units;
– Bonding of braces with special machinery;
– Ultrasonic technique.

Seams Taping

Our well-developed products with taped seams will never miss the water.

We ensure 100% waterproofness with our taping machinery and in-house testing that is regularly performed according to our quality policy.

Private Labeling​

Private Labeling

At ZT Sportswear, our primary objective is to cater to the diverse and extensive range of private-label clothing requirements our valued customers may possess. We are dedicated to meeting every individual need and offering a wide spectrum of customization options. Whether you’re seeking specific styles, sizes, or unique designs, our mission is to provide a one-stop solution for all your private-label clothing needs. We take pride in our commitment to delivering top-notch service and products that align perfectly with your vision and brand.


Dyeing Method

ZT Sportswear offers a wide range of dying methods. We can help you create unique products by using different dyeing techniques that we have inhouse:

Direct Color Dye, Reactive Dye, Tie Dye, Dip Dye, Neon Dyeing, Yarn Dyeing;

Web Development

Web Development

ZT Sportswear also provides web development services to customers. We deliver comprehensive web development services that use the most up-to-date tech innovations. Our expert developers and designers can execute various project types, including inquiry-based websites, internal SEO page ranking, or even an e-commerce store with augmented reality features. 

Logistics Alliance

ZT Sportswear has partnered with a logistics company dedicated to ensuring timely customer deliveries, aligning with our steadfast commitment.

Our collaboration with this logistics partner ensures seamless processes, prioritizing convenience for our customers at every step.

Logistics Alliance ​

What Clients Love About us

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best competitive pricing to customers which keeps them ahead in the market.

Free Product Design

Free Product Design

Customers are happy to work with our professional industrial designers and create custom designs as per their requirements.

Premier Quality

Premier Quality

With top-notch fabric quality, our customers have a prominent and unique position in the market.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

We always fulfil the customer’s commitments, ensure their package arrives promptly and hassle-free, every time.

Transparency Product Process

Transparency Product Process

Streamlined production process ensures quality from concept to creation, resulting in products that exceed your expectations.

247 Customer Service Support

24/7 Customer Service Support

Always available to assist you, ensuring that your needs are met promptly and efficiently.

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