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We prioritize the confidentiality of our client’s information as a critical concern. No records will be disclosed to any third party, except to our authorized agents, manufacturer/supplier(s), and in situations mandated by legal authorities. Clients have the right to request copies of the records we maintain, provided they notify us in advance of their request.

We encourage our clients to retain relevant copies of documents detailing the services rendered to them. As part of our mutual agreement, we commit to providing clients with the appropriate written records in hard copy or handout form, fostering a beneficial relationship between both parties. Upholding our clients’ trust is paramount, and we rigorously review and discard their browsing history (site trail) internally to safeguard their privacy.


Delivery Charges

We manage worldwide courier services primarily through DHL, FedEx, Dubai UPS, and Skynet. It’s important to note that priority mail from FedEx and DHL may take 4-5 days for delivery. Based on DHL’s service history, parcel posts may take up to two weeks for delivery within Canada and the USA, and 2 to 3 weeks within AK and HI.

Additionally, we may engage other courier services tailored to the delivery location. While we facilitate our clients in streamlining order delivery, the accountability for delivery lies with the shipping company. They provide us with tracking information to keep clients informed.

While we assist clients in avoiding delivery hassles, we don’t own the shipping company and thus cannot be held responsible for any shipment losses. In the event of a lost shipment, clients may need to cover production charges again or, if the shipping company doesn’t waive shipping fees, those costs may also apply.


Order Cancelation 

You are entitled to cancel an order within 24 hours after payment. It’s crucial to note that ZT Sportswear specializes in custom-manufactured products tailored to client orders. If your order surpasses the 24-hour window, cancellation is not feasible, regardless of its stage or nature.

Please be aware that once an order is delivered or in transit from ZT Sportswear, cancellation is not possible. This restriction is due to our significant manufacturing process, which adheres to your custom specifications or measurements.

Should a customer fail to respond or approve a sample within 2 months of receipt, the order will be automatically canceled. In such cases, the customer needs to initiate a new order and pay the full invoice amount again.


Delivery Delay

It’s your responsibility as a customer to ensure the accuracy of all contact details, including the delivery address. Additionally, you or a nominated representative should be available to accept and sign for the goods upon delivery.

ZT Sportswear cannot be held liable for any failed delivery or inability to sign for the order if an incorrect delivery address is provided during the order placement. Moreover, postal services or courier agencies will not be responsible if the provided address is closed or inaccessible during delivery.

When placing an order with ZT Sportswear, you have the option to select established postal services or courier companies for shipment. However, please note that we bear no responsibility for any delayed or lost deliveries once the goods have been dispatched.


Refund policy

ZT Sportswear meticulously delivers goods that adhere to ‘ZT Sportswear’ quality standards, ensuring top-notch products for our customers. When placing an order, we strictly adhere to the customer’s provided specifications. Any alterations during production will be communicated and confirmed with the customer. Once customized goods are shipped or in production, returns and refunds are not accepted. However, we offer alternatives such as providing images, video conferences, or any suitable method for customers to verify that their specifications are being met.

In cases where garments have not been approved for bulk production or have not yet been shipped, replacements can be arranged. For changes made prior to shipping, we ensure the updated garment is sent after the initial order has been shipped.


Fabric Planing and Specification

We provide comprehensive customization choices for all our manufactured products. When dealing with smaller quantities, we procure readymade fabrics from the market that closely match the specified fabric type and color, based on availability.

For knitted fabrics with unique blends, achieving 100% accuracy requires a minimum quantity of at least 1000 pieces or more. Alongside supplying the necessary fabric, we offer the option to provide a lab test report detailing the precise fabric requirements.


Turnaround Commencement

You will receive an order summary within 24-48 hours of submitting your payment, which starts the turnaround time. Customers must thoroughly review the order summary, as it cannot be modified once it has been forwarded to production.


Production Delay

Your custom-made apparel is produced entirely based on the communication you maintain with ZT Sportswear’s relationship manager. When we wait for customer approval, our production time stops, which increases our customers’ production times.

In addition, fabric availability and other factors can delay production. A standard rough estimate of 17 business days is provided to all customers. It usually doesn’t take that long to complete an order. However, we will continue to communicate with you throughout the production process and let you know if any delays occur.


Shipment Approval Delay

Once the production process is complete, ZT Sportswear can store products for only 15 days. An additional USD50.00 per day will be charged to the customer after 15 days. Unless the customer wishes to pay an additional storage fee, we will not be liable for the goods if the customer fails to contact us within one month.

ZT Sportswear insists on delivering goods to customers in perfect condition, so it requires approval before shipping. We reserve the right to ship out goods without the customer’s approval if they fail to respond within the given timeframe. We won’t be responsible for faulty products after that.

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