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ZT Sportswear offers comprehensive support in every stage of your clothing line or label, including product development, sampling, and production, all the way through to distribution. Our team of skilled pattern designers ensures meticulous cutting and sewing of the different components, using the precise fabric of your choice. By striving for perfection in every product, your brand will easily earn the appreciation of your customers.

As a leading manufacturer of custom sports apparel in the USA, ZT Sportswear utilizes a range of cut-and-sewn methods to create garments that are entirely tailored to your specifications. Our highly skilled seamstresses work with raw materials to stitch each garment to perfection. Cut and sew garment production goes beyond mere blank t-shirts, allowing you to oversee the entire process from fabric selection to stitching. Offering custom apparel from start to finish enables your brand to surpass the competition and create a truly unique identity.

With years of experience in manufacturing, ZT Sportswear is dedicated to producing high-quality garments. Our expertise and capabilities extend to working with small businesses and start-up fashion lines, accommodating both large and small orders. Regardless of the scale, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. When you partner with us, you can trust that your brand will receive exceptional custom apparel that showcases our manufacturing prowess.

ZT Sportswear Cut and Sew Manufacturing Services:

  • Pattern and Design 
  • Sample and Prototype
  • Sourcing and Production 
  • Assisting Other Brands with their Cut and cut-and-sew services
  • Design, Produce, and Deliver

Design and Pattern Process

The process of pattern creation is based on developing patterns from procedural drawings. The measurements of the pattern are entirely customizable. Also, we work with you to make the changes and aspire to satisfy you with the results. We aim to ensure that your clothing’s measurements and cut are consistent across all sizes (S, M, L, XL, etc.) and large fashion companies. Once our cut & sew manufacturers finish your pattern, we take your ideas and turn them into a design that can be cut and embroidered. A cut-and-sewn t-shirt is an excellent option for anyone wishing to dress up for a special occasion. Especially, If you’re looking for a more casual look, you can choose from various cut-and-sewn shirts. Our team of cut-and-sew clothing manufacturers sees the processes till the very end and produces the outcomes you desire.

Design and Fabric

Design and Fabric Finalization

We are responsible for finalizing all of the materials required for your clothing brand. We consider the fabric, trim, and other accessories that will be required. When the design is complete, we will send you a tech pack, and if you are satisfied with the measurements and design, bulk production is a go.


Cut and sew manufacturing is not easy for any sports clothing brand, especially at the beginning. You should always appreciate the importance of selecting a professional cut-and-sewn contractor for your garment production. With ZT Sportswear, you’re choosing a manufacturing company that ensures a reliable and smooth manufacturing process and a contractor that ensures the highest quality construction and creation of your custom cut-and-sew apparel. We first create a sample of your clothing line and send it to you before we start mass production. We also use this method to reduce the number of errors and break any barriers in communication between you and us, so you can have a sense of the product you will receive in bulk. A sample product will be produced in bulk after you approve it. To get your product to market faster, you can rely on us to proceed with our process quickly

Cut and Sew Process

Cut and Sew Process

Get to your clothing customization done, the fabric you choose and the pattern you approve will be cut and sewn according to the pattern you decide. Each garment item is sorted by size, color, and number before it is stitched or sewn together. The most important part is the management of sewing machines. A bundle of cut pieces is given to each department, and the cut pieces are instructed to be sewn into the same section of the garment before passing it on to the next department.

Quality Assurance and Testing

ZT Sportswear has the most experienced team of cut-and-sew shirt manufacturers who consider quality before anything. Our custom cut and sew clothing services always satisfy customers. The cut-and-sew manufacturing process is carried out by us, and our quality checks are carried out and reported to the fashion house. As part of our quality assurance check, we ensure that all our products undergo testing three to four times before they are shipped to meet the product requirements, and we also follow up on the quality process and customer requirements ensuring that the products are checked three to four times before shipping to ensure customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance and Testing
Cut and Sew Machinery

Cut and Sew Machinery

Various machines are used for the Cut and Sew process of clothing manufacturing. Still, the most common machines are the Sewing Machine, the Cutting Machine, and the Threading Machine, which varies from company to company depending on the company. As the primary machine for both the Cut and Sew process, the sewing machine assists with creating the individual seams that make up the final product. It is used to stitch the seams together to create the final product. The fabric is cut in a straight line using the Cutting Machine, which is usually accurate within a thousandth of an inch of a guideline. In order to prevent the seams from coming undone, the sewing machine must have the ability to thread the fabric properly for it to be able to put together the material, to put together the fabric correctly. ZT Sportswear is fully equipped with the latest technology to manufacture the products. We use a few machines to cut and sew hoodies and shirts. We have advanced sewing machines, cutters, and a sewing machine foot to complete the processes.

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